Pesto Schnitzel

Veal schnitzel with pesto

Virtually every world cuisine has its own version of a schnitzel, which makes it the perfect contender for pairing with our pestos.

You can make a schnitzel with pretty much anything, chicken, beef, cheese, or tofu all work a treat. Ever since we tried our first Wiener Schnitzel, though, in a tiny restaurant in a sketchy neighbourhood somewhere on the outskirts of Vienna, we'll forever seek out veal whenever we get a hankering for some breadcrumb-coated fried meat.

Recommended equipment
Meat tenderiser
Cast-iron skillet

Pro tip
For the crispiest schnitzel imaginable, dip your protein of choice in fine, fresh breadcrumbs, transfer the meat back to the egg-pesto mixture, and then give it a final dip in Japanese-style panko breadcrumbs. Trust us, it’s worth the extra effort.


Veal escalopes x2
Pesto 50g
Egg x1
Flour 40g
Breadcrumbs 40g
Parmesan 20g
Unsalted butter 20g
Canola oil as needed
Seasoning to taste

Place your escalopes in-between two sheets of clingfilm and beat gently with a meat tenderiser or rolling pin until super-thin, around the width of a £1 coin.

Season with a little salt and a few cracks of fresh black pepper. Finely grate the Parmesan and mix with the breadcrumbs.

Whisk the pesto with the egg, and set up a workstation consisting of three bowls: sifted flour in the first, pesto-egg mixture in the second, and cheesy breadcrumbs in the last.

With your left hand, dip the first escalope into the flour and shake off any excess. Transfer to the pesto-egg mixture and make sure the meat is well coated. Finally, transfer the meat to the bowl of breadcrumbs and use your clean right hand to coat the meat well.

Put a glug of oil in a cast-iron skillet or non-stick frying pan and heat. When it starts shimmering, add your escalopes, pressing down flat with a spatula to ensure the escalopes are in direct contact with the oil.

Wait until the breadcrumbs have turned a wonderful golden brown, about 3 minutes. Flip your schnitzel and add the butter, basting the top while the underside cooks.

Serve immediately with side dishes of your choosing and a wedge of lemon.

Serving suggestions
German-style warm potato salad
Sautéed mushrooms, chips, and capers
French onion-potato bake
Herbed polenta chips with caramelised aioli
Mashed potatoes and braised red cabbage