Fusilloni With Pesto, Tomatoes and Prosciutto

Pesto-pasta with cherry tomatoes and prosciutto

Fusilloni is fusilli's big brother and our favourite pasta shape bar none to pair with pesto. The inclusion of cherry tomatoes makes this quite a summery dish - and unusually for us we advise going quite light on the pesto because you want to taste the super-expensive prosciutto in its full glory.

Ingredients for two

Dried fusilloni 150g
Pesto 60g
Cherry tomatoes x12
Prosciutto 6 slices
Parmesan as needed
Seasoning as needed
Lemon juice optional

Cook your pasta according to the packet instructions in lightly salted water and simmer until al dente.

In the meantime, quarter the cherry tomatoes and tear the prosciutto.

When the pasta is ready, drain through a sieve or colander, making sure to save a couple of tablespoons of the starchy water which you can add to the pesto to help emulsify the sauce.

Stir all ingredients together and top with some shaved Parmesan, a crack of black pepper and a squeeze of lemon juice.

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