Pesto-Pappardelle With Crayfish And A Confit Egg Yolk

Pappardelle pasta with pesto and crayfish

If we were Italian, our family would probably disown us for serving pesto with pappardelle.

We're the first to admit that pappardelle is most at home when paired with hearty, chunky sauces like ragù, but it's one of our favourite pasta shapes to eat, and we have no problem pairing it guilt-free with pesto.

This legendary pasta shape hails from Tuscany and gets its name from the Italian verb pappare, meaning "to eat with enthusiasm." The broad, flat, ribbon-like noodles look a bit like fettuccine but are significantly wider. You can buy it dried in most major supermarkets, but it won't have the luxurious, egg-rich flavour of the fresh alternative.

Pro tip
The confit egg yolk is optional but recommended. Simply place the yolks in an oven proof dish and submerge in olive oil. Cook in a 65°C fan oven for 45-60 minutes. Your efforts will be rewarded with a gloriously jammy egg yolk that will ooze over your pasta when you puncture it with your knife.