Riccioli Pasta With Pesto, Roasted Broccoli And Pancetta

Riccioli pasta with pesto and pancetta

This recipe is all about texture. Perfectly al dente pasta is paired with slightly charred, roasted broccoli florets that are crispy on the outside but soft as a pillow on the inside. Slices of pancetta provide a salty, meaty crunch.

Hailing from Piedmont in Italy, riccioli is a pasta shape that has everything going for it in terms of being a great pairing for pesto. Similar to fusilli, its rough surface and plentiful twists and grooves mean sauces can't help but stick to it.

Ingredients for two

Riccioli 175g
Pesto 100g
Pancetta x6 slices
Broccoli x1
Parmesan as needed
Canola oil as needed

Remove the broccoli florets from the stalk, toss in oil, and roast in a 180°C oven until just starting to char on the edges. Set aside.

Fry your pancetta slices until crispy, allow them to cool, and then break them apart into bite-sized pieces.

Cook your riccioli according to the packet instructions, reserve a little of the pasta water, then drain.

Add the broccoli, pancetta, pesto, and pasta water, and stir everything together.

Finish with an overly generous amount of Parmesan.