Silk Handkerchief Pasta With Pesto

Silk handkerchief pasta with pesto

Frank Sinatra’s love of pesto is legendary, and he never liked it more than when paired with silk handkerchief pasta. It's one of the most luxurious, elegant, and graceful foodstuffs you will find anywhere on earth.

Called mandilli de saea in the Genovese dialect (but sometimes called fazzoletti di seta or lasagnette), some say this Ligurian style of pasta is one of the most perfect pairings for pesto you can get.

We understand the temptation to try and cheat by using shop-bought lasagna sheets, but you will end up seriously disappointed. The whole charm of silk handkerchief pasta dish is that the sheets are so thin you can practically read a newspaper through them, and the only way you're going to achieve that is by making them yourself.

Recommended equipment
Dough scraper
Digital kitchen scales
Pasta machine

Pro tip
One egg for every 100g of flour is the standard formula for making fresh pasta, but because eggs vary in size so much, we opt for a belt and braces approach and weigh exactly 57g of egg for every 100g of flour.