Does Pesto Make You Fat?

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Short answer
No, pesto doesn't make you fat; eating too much pesto makes you fat.

Long answer
Unless some ingredients have been purposely omitted, most pesto sauces contain generous amounts of oil, nuts and cheese.

All these ingredients are high in fat and calories – so eating too much pesto, too regularly, and not getting enough exercise can lead to weight gain.

One of the main problems is that pesto is most commonly eaten with pasta, meaning people often end up eating a meal that is both high in fat and high in carbohydrates. That’s not a great combination for people who are watching their weight.

Thankfully, it is still completely possible to enjoy pesto without getting fat. For one, consider how much of it you are using. A little goes a long way - and much of the time people don’t need to use as much of it as they think.

Don’t feel you need to use up the whole jar at once either. There are so many ways to use up leftover pesto that you never need to throw any away.

One of our favourite, guilt-free, ways of eating pesto is to use it in place of other high-fat condiments such as mayonnaise. Pesto makes for a cracking BLT – and by switching the mayo for pesto, you’ll probably find you’ll be using less and therefore actually saving calories.

We also encourage using pesto in dishes that aren’t always based around pasta. A little dollop can instantly improve dips, soups, marinades and so much more. We have a whole bunch of suggestions for other ways to use pesto here.

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