How To Use Pesto Sauce

Pesto farinata with a fried egg on top.

Pesto Beyond Pasta

We're yet to discover many things that a dollop of pesto doesn't complement, so if you've only ever enjoyed pairing pesto with pasta, you're missing out on so many great experiences. While we draw the line at pesto ice cream (yes, it really is a thing), we've got a few suggestions to help expand your repertoire.

As an ingredient

Try thinking of pesto as an ingredient rather than just a sauce. Add a dollop or two to your tried and tested recipes, everything from mashed potatoes to garlic bread to roasted parsnips to scrambled eggs, and see how they are instantly transported to a whole new level.

In quirky contexts

Pesto popcorn? Don't judge it until you've tried it.

Compound butters

OK, we know this sounds a bit cheffy, but they're crazy-simple to make and offer a great way to add a flavourful finish to your pan-seared fillet steak, smoked mackerel, or roasted fennel.

As a stuffing

Stuff a little pesto into your chicken breasts, pork tenderloin, or grilled red peppers, and you'll surpass your dinner guests' already high expectations.

As a topping

We love using it as a topping for grilled portobello mushrooms or pizza. Spreading pesto generously on flatbreads, bruschettas, and focaccia takes them from the great to the sublime.

As a marinade

Did you know that pesto makes a surprisingly good marinade? Try it out next time you're rustling up your special-occasion rack of lamb, chicken skewers, or baked cod.

As a baking ingredient

If you're into baking (and who isn't these days) consider using a little pesto next time you're making your famous cheese straws, pinwheels, or puff pastry tarts. Your carb-hungry friends and family will love you even more.

In dips and salad dressings

Guilty of resorting to the same tried-and-tested salad dressings and dips? Us too. Try mixing a little pesto into those lovely but tired recipes, and it will make them feel as fresh as a daisy.

As a garnish

Finally, use a little of our pesto as a garnish on your signature pea soup, seafood risotto, or barbecued corn, and you'll have added a whole new dimension to the experience by doing little more than twisting a lid.

There really are very few things that can't be improved with a bit of salt and pesto.