What Is Moringa Pesto?

Moringa leaves

Short answer
Moringa pesto is a style of sauce that incorporates the raw leaves of one of the world’s greatest superfoods, moringa.

Long answer
Native to the Indian subcontinent, moringa boasts a long list of health benefits thanks to being rich in antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins, especially A, C, and E.

The plant’s leaves, seeds, and pods are all edible and can be eaten fresh or dried, although it’s normally the leaves that are used to make pesto.

For our money, completely replacing basil with moringa is too much of an acquired taste. Instead, we think the slightly bitter, grassy undertones of moringa leaves are best used to complement a basil pesto rather than completely take over the show. The ratio is a matter of personal preference, but 2 parts basil to 1 part moringa is about right for us. Simply follow our ultimate basil pesto recipe and make the relevant adjustments.

The alternative way to incorporate moringa into pesto is to use moringa powder. The taste isn’t too dissimilar to the better-known matcha, but it's very concentrated, so should only be used sparingly.