Is This The World's Oldest Spaghetti Measuring Device?

Roman dodecahedron that could have been used to measure spaghetti

Short answer
Although no one can be completely sure what the intriguing dodecahedron recently found in Lincolnshire is, a popular theory is that it could be the world's oldest spaghetti measuring tool.

Long answer
In June 2023, the Norton Disney History and Archaeology Group stumbled across a mysterious artefact that they described as "one of archaeology’s great enigmas." It's not unique (32 similar objects have already been discovered in the UK), but their find was in particularly good condition and clearly made by an exceptional craftsman.

On the basis that other dodecahedrons from the same era are different sizes, the group has ruled out any suggestion of it being some kind of measuring device. They also rule it out as some kind of workman's tool due to its fragility and the fact that it would have been extremely expensive to make. Their best guess, based largely on the fact that the Romans' were very superstitious and relied on symbols to guide them through life, is that it is probably an ornament used in a religious context.

On the flip side, followers of the spaghetti measuring theory point to the fact that the Romans loved their pasta and that the different sized holes on each of the dodecahedron's 12 sides are the perfect size for measuring different portions of spaghetti. They also note that if it really was an important religious artefact, why is there no mention of it in literature or any depiction of it in murals or mosaics?

It's highly probable that the conundrum will never be solved for certain. To ensure our descendants aren't left in the same predicament, we plan to strategically bury a time capsule containing all our existing spaghetti measuring gadgets so there can be no doubt what they are for.

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