What Is Pesto Called In Different Languages?

Woman reading a language translation book

Short answer
Pesto is a noun and therefore needs no translation. This, however, is not to say plenty of people haven't tried.

Long answer
We're often asked why pesto is called pesto and what it's called in other languages. The truth is, there's no need to translate "pesto" any more than there is a need to translate "Ferrari". This doesn't mean that some countries and languages haven't attempted to translate it into their mother tongue to make it sound more appealing or understandable to their speakers.

Most Mediterranean countries including Spain, Turkey and Croatia haven't attempted a translation for pesto. Neither have more far-flung countries such as Russia, Romania and India.

There are, however, plenty of languages where pesto is spelt differently or called something completely different. Here's a non-definitive list of them...

Arabic البيستو
Armenian Պեստո
Basque Pestoa
Belarusian Piesta
Bengali Pestō
Bulgarian Песто
Chinese Xiāng suàn
Greek Πέστο
Hebrew פסטו
Hindi पेस्टो
Icelandic Pestó
Japanese Pesuto
Korean Peseuto
Malay Pesṟṟēā
Mongolian Pyesto
Nepalese पेस्टो
Persian سس پستو
Punjabi Paisaṭō
Thai Phes̄ tô
Urdu اٹالین چٹنی
Vietnamese Sốt lá húng