Pesto Butter

Pesto compound butter

We know that compound butters sound a little pretentious, but they are super-simple to make, extremely versatile, and the perfect way to add a hit of flavour to a steak, fish fillet, or roasted vegetables.

Better still, they freeze well, meaning you will always have little nuggets of flavour-bombs within easy reach.


Unsalted butter 100g
Pesto 100g

Let the butter come to room temperature before stirring through the pesto. Use a blender if you want a fully homogenised butter, or stir through by hand if you’re in more of a rustic mood.

Either roll the mixture into a sausage shape so you can chop slices off, or better still, invest in a dedicated ice-cube tray so you can pop out little nuggets of flavour whenever a dish needs a little elevation.

Serving suggestions
Slather on some rustic bread
Stir through an omelette or risotto
Toss with some roasted vegetables
Baste a perfectly cooked, medium-rare steak with it
Use it in baking