Pesto Vinaigrette

Pesto Vinaigrette

There are few things that wind us up more than ordering a side salad, and it arrives at the table without any dressing.

There’s absolutely no excuse for a naked salad because, as you’ll see from this recipe, whipping up a quick vinaigrette using just pesto and a few pantry staples is not just super easy but seriously delicious too.

Pro tip
We know it’s tempting, but withstand the urge to reach for your food processor. The blades will shear the olive oil into tiny droplets, turning your vinaigrette bitter in the process.

Ingredients for enough pesto vinaigrette for four individual salads

Olive oil 40g
Cider vinegar 30g
Pesto 30g
Honey 10g
Seasoning to taste

Add everything but the salt and pepper to a jam jar. Secure the lid tightly and shake vigorously for 10 seconds like you're Tom Cruise in Cocktail.

Have a taste and season it to your liking. Serve immediately before the oil and water elements have a chance to start separating.

Serving suggestions
Caprese salad
Tomato salsa
Rocket and chickpea salad
Napa sweetcorn salad