Pesto Cheese Panini

Pesto cheese panini


A panini with a gooey cheese centre that allows you to recreate the iconic 'cheese-pull' shot is basically what Instagram was invented for.

Recommended equipment
Panini press or sandwich maker

Pro tip
Want to recreate the iconic gooey cheese pull shot above? Use firm mozzarella. You could use a more exciting cheese for the bulk of your panini, but at the very least add some mozzarella to the very centre, which you are going to pull in two.

Ingredients for one

Panini x1
Pesto 30g
Cheese 50g
Tomato x1

Slice your panini in half and spread a good amount of pesto on the bottom half.

Slice your tomato and arrange it on top of the pesto, followed by your cheese of choice.

Place in a pre-heated panini maker and cook until the bread is nicely browned and the cheese is bubbling.

Serving suggestions
Homemade tomato soup
A sunny-side-up fried egg
Sweet potato fries with ketchup or brown sauce
Wild rocket and Parmesan salad
Gherkin and caper salad